About Us


Our Company began as an idea for part time employment. It quickly became clear that although we were being paid for assisting our clients in small ways more important to us was how gratifying it was to be of service. Who could ask for more?


Our backgrounds include corporate employment with a heavy emphasis on customer service, both internal and external. Our team has extensive management experience in Real Estate, Custom Home Building, Design and Senior Care. Sentinel Concierge FL is a trained and insured concierge service. We are a current, good standing member of The National Concierge Association (NCA).

Our background enables Sentinel Concierge FL with the knowledge and expertise to provide the best care and customer service to suit your individual needs. That is a promise and a guarantee.

We look forward to serving you.

*Sentinel Concierge has undergone extensive background screening. We are cleared with the Clearwater Florida Police Dept. and the State of Florida. We are licensed and insured in the State of Florida and in the City of Clearwater.


Phone: 210 557 0855
Website: www.sentinelconciergefl.com
Email: SentinelConciergeFl@gmail.com
Sentinel Concierge FL, LLC

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