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Senior Transitioning Housing Package – Our specialty

This is Sentinel Concierge’s Specialty. We know senior living.

If you are considering senior living there are questions that you should ask when searching for the right community. For everyone in the family, it is a major decision. This is why Sentinel Concierge is here to help. Getting those questions answered is a top priority.

For example, cost associated with living in a senior community, your living arrangements, meals, atmosphere and of course your safety and security.

At Sentinel Concierge we will visit your home and get you to the right professionals that can answer all of these questions for you. This will help you and your family decide if a move into a senior facility is right for you. Are you ready to make that move? Or is the move in the future? Sentinel Concierge can help you with any decision that is made by you, our client and your family or guardian. This will all be discussed when we visit. That is what our Senior Transitioning service is all about.

What to expect living in a senior community?

What is your financial situation? There are professional staff members to help you with all of this information.

Is this the right time to move into a senior facility?

What kind of activities are available?

What kind of care will I need while at my community of choice?

Can you tour communities? Yes and Sentinel Concierge will arrange all of these appointments for you. Have a meal while you are at these communities, talk to residents and take a look around.

Does this community offer all that you will need? Such as services that you may need in the future


  • Assistance with senior living referrals
  • Transitioning lifestyle choices – (Types of care)
  • Communication with family members
  • Organizing
  • Transitional services – Aging in place
  • Downsizing
  • Move preparation
  • Moving/packing services
  • REALTOR referrals.

This package can be customized to meet your individual needs.


Extra time can be billed in ½ hour increments

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